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We are back

We have been experiencing a lot of problems with our website but now thank God that we are through with it. In the time we have been away, several things have taken place at the Joy Centre both in the continued construction and youth programmes. Here are the highlights. Camp 2012 was the first youth-lead youth camp in which the young people were entrusted with greater responsibility in leading the camp. It worked out very well. Apart from the regular camp activities, a unique feature was added to the 2012 youth camp day parenting seminar bringing together the parents of the campers. The concluding session after lunch was characterized by worshipping together and reports from the youth to the parents present. Young people spoke to their parents about the camp and what they learnt and had some recommendations both to the parents and the Joy Centre.
The young people were excited to be part of workshops on music as it relates to leading worship, evangelism, photography and cooking especially the baking of the Zucchini bread which was served to the rest of camp.
At the end of the day, parents took their children back home with them. We have since heard from some parents about the transformation in their children who were at camp.

Year 2013 has started with great plans especially for Joy Centre to host two international youth and leadership conferences. June 3 to 17, Ugandan young adults who have been part of the Joy Centre youth programmes and are now either at college of recently graduated will be joined by the youth from United States for a leadership training programme that is to last three weeks. In August, a team from Woodvale Pentecostal church will come together with a number of young Ugandans to go through a week of leadership training and may later be involved in development projects in some parts of this nation.
Will you please pray for the success of these projects.

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