Who am I in Christ?

By Benoni Mugarura-Mutana Have you received Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and Lord? If you have, he has set you free through his victory over sin and death on the cross. Your destiny is eternal and your security is in Christ. If you are not experiencing freedom, it may

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Help! My Teenager is Driving Me Crazy!

Being a parent is hard. It is a blessing and a joy, but boy, it is hard. Oh, and we won’t get started on those teens … Ben and Joyie Mugarura-Mutana know what that means. After raising five teens of their own, they have a heart for the struggles of

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Camping at the Joy Centre

The Joy Centre facilities are now open and available for overland travelers or campers at very reasonable rates. The Centre is a five-minute walk from Wakiso town. Ben and Joyie have created a warm and friendly environment, fully equipped with outdoor cooking space and clean bathroom facilities. You can pitch

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