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Drama on Ottawa Street

My wife and I were invited by friends to spend Saturday afternoon together visiting sights and just hanging together and then something much unexpected happened.

It happened in a flash of a second, so quickly. The person who was following us on the road was down and I heard the bicycle crash to on the road.  A yell came from the man who we had seen coming our way and was on the ground and shouted “shoot or whatever the sound is spelled like.” Our sister Judy was on the road too. She had been hit by the man on the bicycle and for a moment we thought of the worst. Joana and Joyie assisted her to sit and after a while taken to the car we had come in to sit. The man was on the phone describing the place where we were to someone at the other end and was continuing to walk back and forth, trying to stay away from our group.

Coming from Uganda, thoughts of such a scene on Uganda Streets started flashing in my mind. One time a Boda boda (motorcycle taxi) carrying Joyie in an attempt to zigzag through traffic trying to pass in a place he was not supposed to pass made a sharp turn and Joyie fell off the bike and the rider continued without stopping.  At another time the bicyclist hit a pedestrian and left him on the road and sped away.

As the man who had hit our sister continued to pace back and forth talking on the cell phone, I wondered whether he was not going to jump on his bike and disappear. But this was not so and soon the drama issued. First a fire fighter’s truck with flashing lights and sirens arrived from one direction followed by a police car. Paramedics jumped out of the fire truck asking and were shown our sister who was now in the car. And as they worked to establish the condition Judy was in, a second police car came in from another direction and lastly the ambulance and a team of paramedics arrived. I thought that this was all but it was not. Two men in shorts and green tee shirts came in fast riding bicycles and almost jumped off the bikes coming to the car Judy was in but seeing their colleagues already working on her, they went to the man who had caused the accident and found he was bleeding in the elbow and started bandaging his arm. Finally, another ambulance arrived from totally a different direction. One, two, three, four, five, six groups responding to the accident involving a bicycle and one lady. The police, the paramedics, yes; but the fire truck? “Yes,” said my friend Doug. “Often the firemen are at the site of accident faster that both the police and the ambulance. They are equipped to help but if there is a person violent they will wait for the police before they intervene.” Oh, okay.

Our sister Judy was taken to the hospital and Praise the Lord, nothing serious happened except the muscles and the bump on the head. Our plans for the day were ruined but our sister was fine and in actual fact, she joined us for dinner at a very good restaurant. Glory be to Jesus.

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